CodaOctopus F180 for University of New Brunswick - 25/10/2003

CodaOctopus has sold an Octopus F180 Inertial Attitude and Positioning System to the Ocean Mapping Group at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). This internationally recognised centre for multibeam excellence will benefit from the latest in GPS aided INS technology as the F180 enables them to collect reliable and accurate heave, roll, pith, heading and position data in all survey dynamics for both research and educational purposes. The Octopus F180 will be installed on the CSL Heron, a dedicated inshore research platform equipped with an EM3000, keel mounted sidescan, sub bottom profilers, ADCP and an MVP-30. Heron is used for the testing of swath sonar integration, analysis and processing software developed by the Ocean Mapping Group. The F180 will provide the main source of real-time position and orientation, together with a flexible means of logging raw observable data for post-processing analysis.

Last updated: 27/02/2018