Compact CEE LINE Echosounder Kit - 18/05/2017

Packaged into a complete mounting kit for basic hydrographic surveys, the CEE Hydrosystems CEE LINE is aimed at land surveyors wishing to undertake small projects. With the CEE LINE, a rudimentary echosounder for a basic survey is not needed. The CEE LINE has a simple communication interface and does not ever need charging courtesy of its USB connection.

The ‘sonar on a stick’ concept has been around for a few years, and some of the equipment used has been around even longer. The CEE LINE offers a new approach to this survey setup. With no battery or Bluetooth required, the hydrographic surveyor simply plugs in the USB cable to the recording device for power and data connectivity. The analogue transducer with separate processor module (the CEE LINE tube) is superior to ‘smart’ transducer-based systems - especially in shallow water. The neat boat mount and tidy Pelican case makes for a high-quality self-contained survey kit.

CEE LINE with Trimble BathySurvey

For use with Trimble TSC data collectors and tablets, the Trimble BathySurvey app written by Geometius now supports the CEE LINE echosounder. Storing survey data to Trimble ACCESS, the app allows control of the echosounder operation and a real-time visual display of the depth data for an enhanced survey view.

Last updated: 06/06/2020