Dam Security System - 11/01/2011

L3 Klein's HarborGuard Radar System has been selected as a key security component for a critical Western US dam. The L3 Klein HarborGuard will include a Klein's Small Target Detection Radar that will provide continuous coverage for dams and lakes and monitor all surface targets, with special attention focused on the security zones protecting critical structures. The L3 Klein HarborGuard system will provide immediate alerts as well as updated threat positions to a central Security Management System.

Radar coverage of dams and critical lakes poses a unique challenge because of the dramatic changes in water levels. In some dams water levels can vary up to 75 feet. Systems using narrow, focused radar beams require constant mechanical and electrical adjustments to compensate for any water level changes; however, the L‐3 Klein HarborGuard system with its wide vertical fan‐beam pattern radar is virtually unaffected by these changes in water levels. This is one of the primary reasons L‐3 Klein's integrated Waterside Security System was selected as the Maritime Awareness solution.

John Cotumaccio, President and General Manager of L‐3 Klein notes that L‐3 Klein's HarborGuard, Maritime Domain Awareness System, is in use in a number of critical infrastructure facilities throughout the United States that require the highest level of continuous security awareness. L‐3 Klein's Waterside Security systems are currently protecting ports & harbours, critical coastal infrastructure and off‐shore facilities.

Through awards such as this, L‐3 Klein's HarborGuard® System is gaining recognition and a strong footprint in the industry as one of the most cost effective integrated waterside security solutions.

Last updated: 21/10/2020