Digital Signal Processing Manager for WFS - 08/03/2010

Widely regarded as an international expert in wireless communications signal processing, Jon Davies is appointed as digital signal processing manger. He brings a wealth of experience to the WFS team having worked in technologies for subsea command control and communications (C3) for over fifteen years. His specialist expertise are in embedded real time digital signal processing and algorithm development for acoustic communication, acoustic position-fixing and acoustic detection.

Prior to his appointment with WFS, Jon was Principal Technologist at Sonardyne International with the responsibility for developing signal processing and data telemetry technology for subsea communication platforms.

Throughout his career Jon has worked on covert acoustic communications, high data rate acoustic communications and embedded sensing signal processing applications for submarine detection. He developed the Proteus acoustic modem in support of the UK underwater NEC project and associated technologies including gateway buoy concept demonstrator, Special Forces communications and submarine-submarine communications.

Jon was awarded the Ministry of Defence bursary under the Defence Engineering and Science Graduate scheme and studied for a degree in Electronic Engineering at Birmingham University, achieving a first class B. Eng. He also has a PhD in Wideband Acoustic Communications from Birmingham, awarded in 2003. Jon holds several patents related to acoustic signal processing.

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