dKart Supports AML v. 2.0 - 16/12/2004

HydroService AS announces release of dKart Editor - Additional Military Layers module, with full support all defined product specifications defined by the newly released AML Version 2.0. Together with a full featured production environment for both standards, v 1.0 and v 2.0,
Among the remarkable features are:

  • Support of AML version 2.0 (CLB, ESB, LBO, MFF, RAL, SBO product specifications with S57 ed. 3.1 carrier)
  • Intelligent AML v. 1.0 to AML v. 2.0 converter
  • Improved data importing capabilities from various GIS/CAD formats, survey format e.g.
  • Integrated test and validation routines
  • Integrated Quality control routines
  • Clip/compile tools
  • Copy objects/geometry between different charts/cells
  • Automatic conversion from standard S-57 Ed. 3.0/3.1 data formats to S-57 AML data formats
  • Improved S-57 AML Exchange set creation routines.

Last updated: 28/09/2020