Easy Access Tidal Information - 23/10/2003

ARGOSS has launched a new Web-based service, www.tidal-info.com, to provide tidal heights and currents for any location around the world. The service is based on the assimilation of nine years of satellite altimeter observations and measurements of approximately five thousand tidal stations in a tidal model. Users can generate statistical tidal information or time series for any location of interest through an easily accessible and interactive interface. Time series of tidal height, tidal current speed or current direction are available at ten-minute intervals, starting from a user-specified time/date, and cover a full tidal cycle of four weeks. Statistical information comprises of histograms (tidal height and current speed) and scatter diagrams (e.g. current speed versus current direction). All information can be viewed on-screen and downloaded for further processing.

Last updated: 27/09/2020