ECDIS Colour Calibration Panel Computers - 26/08/2011

The MPC-122-K marine panel computer is IP67-rated and ECDIS compliant with colour calibration capability. The panel features full-range dimming, optical bonding (optional), a wide viewing angle and colour calibration (ECDIS-compliant).



The design is compliant with many industrial marine standards, such as IEC 60945, DNV, and IACS-E10, and the IP67-rated enclosure provides additional protection against harsh marine environments.

Moxa has created a dedicated website with information about the need for colour calibration for ECDIS, the ECDIS-type approval process, what distinguishes the colour calibration of Moxa Displays, why the Moxa MPC-122-K has an IP67 enclosure and the outstanding system-wide thermal design.

Last updated: 06/06/2020