EIVA Launches a Software Solution for ROV-steering - 16/04/2019

NaviSuite Mobula, recently launched by Danish engineering company EIVA, is a new software product which offers advanced steering capabilities to ROV owners. The performance of the entry-level ROVs makes them useful for professional use – provided the right software capabilities are available, the company says.

Focus on Data Fusion

This is now possible through a NaviSuite product dedicated to ROV steering, NaviSuite Mobula. It includes features from NaviSuite Nardoa, EIVA’s package for subsea inspection work, where the focus is on data fusion from the most advanced sensors and on efficiency functions that enable fast inspection of very large assets such as pipelines. By bringing this into a package for the mini-ROV segment, it becomes possible to use these for professional inspections, EIVA states. 

Fully Automated Inspections

EIVA’s long-term vision with NaviSuite Mobula is to provide a software package that enables fully automated inspections through a long list of advanced features. For this reason, NaviSuite Mobula includes functionality to steer the ROV – because it’s necessary for the automation features coming later.

ROV integration

EIVA has initially focused on some of the most widely sold mini-ROV types in the market, namely the VideoRay Pro 4, Pro 5, Defender and the Blue Robotics BlueROV2, and NaviSuite Mobula is available in versions tailored to these ROV types. EIVA expects to expand the list of supported ROVs soon, as well as add more functionalities.

Last updated: 05/03/2020