Elics Seismic Suite for NITG

Elics Seismic Suite for NITG

HydroConsult has received an order from NITG of The Netherlands for an integrated Triton Elics Seismic Suite 5-12i. This sub-bottom profiler system comprises:

  • Edgetech FS-SB full-spectrum sub-bottom profiler processor and amplifier
  • tow fish with four transmitters
  • four element receiver hydrophone array
  • fibreglass tow body
  • TEI hardware package (processor, flat monitors, multi-port serial board, RW CD-ROM, operating systems etc) and TEI Delph Seismic+Plus software package for acquisition and logging of FSSB, display of Spectrum, Hi-Lo band filtering, adjustable trigger delay and quality control tools.

Delivery took place in August this year.

Ceeducer in Use by Dredgers
HydroConsult BV of The Netherlands announced that as from mid-2003, all major dredgers are using the Bruttour's family of Ceeducer and Ceestar equipment. Also large scale surveys are executed with Ceeducer: recently some dredging projects in West Africa, Algeria and United Kingdome were done with Ceeducer /Ceestar only. A wide variety of Ceeducer systems is in use with the dredging community: 8, 10 or 12 channel DGPS, wide or narrow beam transducers, single (200KHz) or double (200/30KHz) transducers, integrated motion sensors etc. Presently, HydroConsult is introducing the new Ceeducer with 10 channel GPS + 2 channel SBAS receiver. (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems, such as WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS). These systems are replacing the standard 8 channel units.