EuroGOOS designated implementing partner of UN Ocean Decade

EuroGOOS designated implementing partner of UN Ocean Decade

EuroGOOS has been endorsed as an implementing partner of the UN Ocean Decade. As a designated partner, EuroGOOS is set to be fully committed to advancing ocean research, observation and sustainable management in alignment with the objectives of the Decade.

Launched in January 2021, the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030), known as the Ocean Decade, provides a convening framework for a wide range of stakeholders across the world to engage and collaborate outside their traditional communities to trigger nothing less than a revolution in ocean science. EuroGOOS, as an Ocean Decade Implementing Partner for Europe, plays a crucial role in supporting this initiative and ensuring that its activities effectively contribute to the Decade’s aims.

EuroGOOS is an esteemed international non-profit organization headquartered in Brussels, comprising national governmental agencies and research organizations. With a steadfast commitment to advancing European-scale operational oceanography within the framework of the intergovernmental Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), the association is an important factor in leading stakeholder engagement efforts within European Union initiatives and projects. Leveraging its extensive expertise, EuroGOOS mobilizes the community to support the objectives of the UN Ocean Decade while ensuring streamlined European contributions with far-reaching global impacts. Moreover, the association boasts unparalleled scientific and technical proficiency, along with comprehensive knowledge of the European marine research, oceanography and innovation landscape.

As the European component of the IOC/UNESCO’s Global Ocean Observing System, EuroGOOS is positioned to identify priorities, enhance cooperation and advocate the benefits of operational oceanography, thereby ensuring sustained observations in Europe’s seas.

EuroGOOS spearheads oceanographic priorities, fosters cooperation, and promotes operational oceanography to sustain observations in Europe's seas, while providing tailored products and services for marine and maritime users. The accompanying image showcases the Baily Lighthouse in Howth, Ireland, with a beautiful view of the Irish Sea. (Image courtesy: Shutterstock/Peter Krocka)
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