EvoLogics Sonobot 5 upgrade for enhanced underwater exploration

EvoLogics Sonobot 5 upgrade for enhanced underwater exploration

In the realm of advanced robotic solutions and underwater data networks, EvoLogics stands out as a pioneer. Renowned for its uncrewed surface vehicle the Sonobot 5, the company has made significant strides in bathymetry, object search and reconnaissance. A noteworthy development in this journey unfolded in April 2023, with the introduction of the EvoLogics Multibeam, a state-of-the-art echosounder designed for the Sonobot 5 platform.

Throughout the summer, the EvoLogics team embarked on a demonstration tour, receiving valuable feedback that catalysed further enhancements in sonar integration. The Multibeam builds on Norbit OEM, an entry-class multibeam sonar equipped with high-grade dual GNSS and INS positioning. Boasting 256 beams at 1.45°x1°, a range exceeding 200 metres and an impressive 50Hz ping rate, this sonar system is a testament to EvoLogics’ commitment to pushing technological boundaries.

Multibeam sonar surveys in strong currents

To optimize the Sonobot 5’s performance, a custom-molded streamlined cover was introduced, elevating hydrodynamics while ensuring robust protection for the sonar-pod assembly. This feature proves particularly advantageous during multibeam sonar surveys in the face of strong currents, minimizing drag to facilitate efficient navigation and steady survey speed during data collection.

A pivotal improvement post the trial tour involved the slide-and-lock mechanism, connecting the submergible pod and sonar. This enhancement contributes to the overall unit handling, solidifying the Sonobot 5’s status as an autonomous vehicle of exceptional caliber.

Weighing in at under 32kg and measuring L 1.29 x W 0.96 x H 1.04m (with antennas), the Sonobot 5 with EvoLogics Multibeam is not only compact but also an easy-to-handle autonomous vehicle equipped with professional multibeam sonar. Currently in serial production for worldwide customers, the Sonobot 5 with EvoLogics Multibeam is set to be unveiled at demonstration events in 2024, offering industry professionals an up-close look at its groundbreaking configurations.

The EvoLogics Multibeam is a tailored solution for the Sonobot 5 platform.
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