Exail Rovins Nano integration strengthens Sapura’s subsea capabilities

Exail Rovins Nano integration strengthens Sapura’s subsea capabilities

Sapura, a pre-eminent Brazilian provider of subsea services, recently procured eight Exail Rovins Nano inertial navigation systems (INS). Integrated into Sapura’s esteemed fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), the deployment of Exail INS is poised to significantly elevate the capabilities of Sapura’s ROVs in the meticulous offshore installation of subsea equipment.

Ensuring highly accurate navigation down to 6,000 metres, Rovins Nano INS will help Sapura to lay flex pipes and deploy subsea hardware onto the seabed, such as templates and manifolds, rigid jumper spools and tie-in spools.

Position, orientation and velocity

The Rovins Nano, equipped with advanced sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, will function as the central component in the ROV’s navigation and positioning system. It will play a vital role in precisely determining the ROV’s position, orientation and velocity, which is essential for the accurate positioning and installation of subsea equipment. This integration is set to optimize Sapura’s overall high operational standards such as efficiency and accuracy.

Felipe Jesus, ROV manager at Sapura, stated: “Our decision to collaborate with Exail for this upgrade was motivated by the goal to modernize our existing systems using cutting-edge technology. The precision and reliability of Exail’s INS align perfectly with our commitment to excellence in subsea operations. This investment underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and delivering exceptional service to our clients.”

Thiago Montanari, deputy sales director for South Europe & LATAM at Exail, commented: “Sapura sought a reliable, low-maintenance equipment solution that seamlessly aligns with client demands while upholding the highest standards of operational excellence. We are pleased and grateful that Sapura has placed its trust in our solutions. We are confident that our high-performance INS will ensure high satisfaction by delivering the navigation accuracy and reliability required to achieve its operational goals more efficiently.”

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