Exploration Works and Environmental Analysis in Sea of Okhotsk - 01/07/2013

Russian oil company Rosneft is due to start field seismic prospecting at the licensed blocks Lisyansky, Kashevarovsky and Magadan-1. Rosneft is performing a geological study at the blocks jointly with its partner Statoil ASA (Norway). Currently 2D seismic surveys along with shipborne gravity magnetic surveys are planned for the blocks. The data is to be collected by geophysical methods from the specialised research vessel called 'Academik Fersman'.

The works will cover a total of 10,000 linear kilometres: 5,300km on the Lisyansky licensed block, 2,000km on the Kashevarovsky block and 2,700km on Magadan-1. Environmental and fishery research studies are to be performed at all three blocks in 2013 by LLC Environmental Company of Sakhalin, a contractor for this work.

Another planned environmental protection measure is studying the subsea wellhead of the Khmitevskaya-2 well drilled on the Magadan-1 block in the 1990s. The field stage was preceded by large-scale preparation, i.e. detailed assessment of the planned works' environmental impact and receiving the necessary regulatory agency approvals. This preparation has been completely finished.

Apart from that, an environmental monitoring and production control programme will be implemented during the seismic prospecting work to prevent and minimise potential negative environmental impact.

The Rosneft geological prospecting programme in the Sea of Okhotsk will be performed in full compliance with Russian environmental protection laws and license agreements.

Last updated: 23/02/2020