Explorer DVL for Precision Navigation Iver AUVs - 03/07/2014

Teledyne RD Instruments’ (TRDI, USA) Explorer Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) has been specified by OceanServer to provide precision navigation onboard its IVER2 and IVER3 autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

OceanServer has recently placed an order for 10 Teledyne RDI Explorer DVL products, bringing the total number of DVLs ordered for IVER systems to 22. The Explorer DVL provides a flexible solution for high-quality navigation aboard small underwater platforms such as IVER AUVs, gliders, disposable vehicles, inspection class ROVs and diver platforms. The Explorer DVL has been designed specifically for this next generation of shallow water platforms, which require field proven precision and reliability in a highly compact and efficient package.

OceanServer designs and manufactures the growing family of low cost Iver AUVs utilised for coastal applications such as sensor development, general survey work, sub-surface security, research and environmental monitoring. These modern AUVs are single man-portable and feature simple point and click mission planning. The Iver2 and Iver3 AUVs, outfitted with TRDI’s DVLs will be delivered to an array of global customers for defense and survey applications.

OceanServer selected Teledyne RDI’s DVL based on the company’s extensive expertise and field experience in Doppler navigation, as well as the DVL’s ability to provide increased bottom lock depths and high resolution Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data.

Last updated: 28/11/2020