Falcon Real-time Data Transfer - 23/05/2011


The Falcon (standalone), and Falconet (integrated) Data to Web system provides a low-cost and flexible solution for transmitting, storing, hosting and presenting data from all common sensors to a dedicated website in real time.



The new system can communicate using GPRS, GSM, radio or satellite, can be coupled to almost any sensor, and can be retrofitted to existing platforms. Data is presented on a dedicated website with a password access, using secure servers, and can interface with existing data gatherer and SCADA systems. Multiple sites can be displayed on one screen, with inputs from multiple sensors. Applications can be developed in short timescales and at low cost to enable tailored software solutions. Data can also be integrated easily into Google Earth.


Any web-enabled device can be used to view the data, which can also be transmitted via text, including alarms, or a standalone receiving terminal can be set up. The onsite equipment can be reconfigured or controlled through the two-way communication link, or a voice menu system.


The Falcon system is ideal for rapid deployment applications in its IP67-rated hand-portable case, as it can be powered by solar or mains power and new sites can be enabled within minutes of deployment. The Falconet system can also be integrated into the rapid deployment buoy available from OSIL to purchase or hire.


Production and set up costs are low, as are the monthly running costs. All that is paid after the initial set up is the cost of a pay-monthly data-enabled SIM card. The modular construction of the internal modem is flexible, which makes it easy to switch between different communication protocols. This means that, if there is a requirement to change the data telemetry method for the application, or if the system needs to be moved between projects, there is no requirement to buy a completely new system, just the new modem module.


Last updated: 27/02/2018