Falcon ROV Assists in Angolan Decommissioning Project

Falcon ROV Assists in Angolan Decommissioning Project

Angola sees Africa’s first offshore oil platform decommissioning underway as EQS (Environment Quality Services) successfully deploys their Saab Seaeye Falcon for determining safer upcoming decommissioning operations. 

Dubai-based EQS assess the integrity of offshore structures using their Falcon for visual inspection and image gathering. The range of offshore structures inspected to assess integrity includes platform (jacket), wellhead, protection dome, pipelines and umbilical. EQS help offshore energy clients navigate the complex environmental regulatory landscape to achieve regulatory compliance, protecting employee health and safety, and managing business liabilities.

Wide Array of Cameras and Sensors

“The Falcon supports EQS in their aim to fulfil specific works in a safe and cost-effective manner by delivering accurate and relevant information,” said Carlos Rodrigues (CTO) of EQS. He sees the Falcon as an ideal resource for their specialist work as it can handle an array of cameras, sensors, tooling and complex data gathering systems that can easily be added or changed thanks to the Falcon’s iCON intelligent module-focused distributed control architecture.

Among the top-selling robots of its class, the Falcon’s 20-year success comes from being a portable, metre-sized, intelligent, powerful, five-thruster, highly manoeuvrable, multi-tasking, easy to use vehicle, with a depth-rated range to 1,000 metres.

With a reliability record covering over a million hours underwater, including deep tunnel work, the Falcon can remain stable in turbulent waters and strong currents whilst undertaking both robust and precision tasks.

For EQS, the Falcon supports their wide range of complex and routine environmental projects where solutions are created by combining the right people with the right technologies to meet each project’s unique challenges.

Falcon deployed by environmental services company to assess Africa’s first offshore decommissioning project.