FarSounder Overlays S-57 & S-63 Charts - 15/09/2017

The latest release of FarSounder’s SonaSoft software has been upgraded to be compatible with S-57 and S-63 Charts. Anyone using these chart formats is now able to overlay real-time data on their charts using FarSounder’s software, benefiting from its Forward Looking Sonar (FLS).

This software upgrade will provide many more ships the safety of real-time 3D sonar data and the luxury of creating historical bathymetric maps. This will give them a significant amount of navigational awareness that they never had before. It is a game changer for mariners to compare what their chart says is ahead of them to what a FarSounder sonar sees in real time, updating with every ping.

For those already using C-MAP Professional charts, SonaSoft continue tob e easy as it has been. This upgrade opens 21st Century chart navigation to many more users. With a one-time charge, these mariners can now use and maintain their own S-57 and S-63 charts overlaid with FarSounder data.

Last updated: 04/08/2020