Five-year Indonesian Positioning Contract

Five-year Indonesian Positioning Contract

Global GNSS positioning specialist Veripos has been awarded a five-year contract to supply precision services by Bintang Subsea, an independent survey organisation providing offshore inspection, survey and dredging support services on behalf of a wide range of users in the Asia Pacific Region.

Services to be provided under the agreement by Veripos include its Ultra Precise Point Positioning (PPP) facility using techniques to ensure all GPS system errors are removed or minimised by direct calculation, precise modelling or estimation. Support hardware includes a series of proprietary LD4 HDT configurable receivers which can typically realise either sub-metre or decimetre seamless accuracies in addition to precision headings, with output of finished or raw data to external equipment and QC software for processing. 

Raymond Wong, Veripos’s Asia-Pacific Regional Manager in Singapore, commented that this further consolidates the company's working relationship with one of Indonesia’s major survey organisations engaged in a number of important construction projects. The contract also ensures that the company will continue to progress as a leading supplier of quality GNSS positioning services throughout South East Asia and beyond, he continued.

Bintang Subsea has its corporate headquarters in Singapore with offices in Indonesia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

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