Free DGPS CD from Veripos - 11/11/2003

VERIChart, a new free CD-based mapping facility for producing detailed charts of its proprietary Differential GPS Satellite and HF-delivered correction service networks for Africa, North West Europe, North and South America, Trinidad and Caspian and Mediterranean offshore areas, has been introduced by Veripos. Designed for high-quality documentation required for planning, evaluation and reporting functions, compilation formats include PDF in addition to graphical images in TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and PS. Accurate and highly detailed vector maps are used with dynamic resolution enhancement. Overlays onto maps include individual station locations, names and Ids, in addition to configurable range contours, satellite footprints and illuminated working areas with listed ranges to reference stations.

European DGPS Stations Upgrade
Veripos has upgraded dual-source Differential GPS reference stations serving offshore users via its high-precision North West Europe and Mediterranean networks with the establishment of new generation L1/L2 dual frequency receiver hardware at stations in Wick and Aberdeen in Scotland and Pescara in Italy. The new facilities will ensure improved positional accuracy and performance, whilst extending the validity of DGPS operations at longer ranges and during periods of heightened ionospheric activity. This will be achieved using a proprietary Veripos MCIF (Model Compensated Iono-Free) process; the process facilitates supplementary corrections for any ionospheric effects at both local and reference station points prior to output as standard RTCM Type 1 messages and corresponding injection into an L1 GPS receiver or other processing software.

Last updated: 27/11/2020