Gaps M5, an Omnidirectional USBL System for Accurate Location - 17/03/2020

iXblue, a provider of navigation, subsea positioning and imagery solutions, announces the launch of the Gaps M5, a new compact, export-free and omnidirectional USBL system for accurate location, positioning and tracking of subsea assets. The latest addition in iXblue’s new USBL product range, the new Gaps M5 joins the renowned Gaps (now Gaps M7). Gaps M5 integrates an Attitude and Heading Reference System based on iXblue FOG technology for stable heading, roll and pitch compensation and a true north reference. Smaller, lighter and easy to install, Gaps M5 is ready-to-use and calibration-free. It offers accuracy better than 0.5% up to 995m operating range, making it free of export restrictions for fast and easy shipment.

3D 4-hydrophone Antenna

Gaps design has been kept in the M5 version with slightly shorter legs to reduce its size. The 3D 4-hydrophone antenna has different leg lengths to enhance horizontal tracking capabilities. With the Gaps M5, there is no need to tilt the antenna, the acoustic offers maximum aperture and allows up to 200° omnidirectional coverage. This is efficient in shallow water and horizontal tracking conditions, especially when multiple vehicles must be simultaneously located at 360°.

Gaps M5 is suitable for any tracking operation, from diver to multiple subsea assets or inspection ROV- tracking, while Gaps M7 remains the best asset for the highest survey requirements, subsea multibeam and laser scan positioning. Third-party friendly, Gaps M5 can also be used for dynamic positioning as an acoustic transceiver using one single beacon in USBL mode or multiple beacons (3+) in LBL mode.

Last updated: 22/01/2021