General Acoustics Sub-Bottom Profiler - 18/01/2007

General Acoustics has presented the new SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom Profiler the first time in public last Autumn in Aberdeen. At this occasion, a little survey for the Chief Surveyor of the port, Eddie Aitken, was performed. After the survey he got a new image of ‘his’ harbour.

Rock layers were detected where he did not expect them (under 8m of sand) and made him curious for the next SUBPRO 1210 survey in Aberdeen. The system operates with 12 KHz and a power up to 10 KW. Shallow water surveying starting at 1.5 meters. The SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom Profiler will be featured at the Ocean Business 2007 in Southampton in March at booth 46 which is shared with RUCO Ltd. General Acoustics also will be holding a 1-hour classroom session about this instrument. The session will take place on Tuesday, 27 March, 16:00 in Room 064/03. General Acoustics will also exhibit its tide and wave gauge LOG_aLevel.

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