Global Sales and Distribution Partnership for Seatronics and 2G Robotics

Global Sales and Distribution Partnership for Seatronics and 2G Robotics

Seatronics, UK, and 2G Robotics, USA, have entered into a global sales and distribution partnership. The 2G Robotics line of underwater laser scanners will be available through Seatronics for equipment rentals and sales. Customers will benefit from global access to the high resolution and precision of the 2G Robotics underwater laser scanners, and from the offshore expertise and global technical support provided by Seatronics.

The underwater laser scanners developed by 2G Robotics capture detailed 3D models of even the slightest variances in subsea environments and deliver 100 times higher resolution than sonar. The high resolution of underwater laser scanning provides the accuracy and precision needed for making informed decisions, mitigating the problem of drawing conclusions based on information provided by sonar or video alone.

Phil Middleton, deputy managing director at Seatronics, said this agreement will contribute significantly to growth in the subsea visualisation service capabilities by providing clients with useful data for purposes of integrity management on a global basis. Seatronics continues to build strategic relationships with innovative and respected manufacturers such as 2G Robotics, to further strengthen their ability to supply the latest developments in offshore and subsea technology.

Jason Gillham, CEO at 2G Robotics, stated to have been searching for the right distribution partner and felt Seatronics would be a natural fit. Seatronics, like 2G Robotics, strives to provide the most advanced technology in order to deliver optimal customer solutions. This partnership will be a great benefit to the customers of both 2G Robotics and Seatronics.

Seatronics possesses extensive experience with high-quality acoustic measurement solutions and specialises in a range of subsea operations including geophysical survey, ROV survey, ROV tooling and diving. The 2G Robotics line of underwater laser scanners will complement the existing acoustic measurement technology offered by Seatronics, as the underwater laser scanning line will provide subsea operators with increased measurement quality at shorter ranges.

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