Handheld Control Pendant to pair with Seamor ROVs - 03/10/2019

The pendant is ergonomic, lightweight, easy to use, and more comfortable for pilots who are undertaking long jobs, the company says. The manufacturer wanted to give users the option to step away from the console when needed while still being able to control the vehicle, particularly during launch and retrieval of the ROV, or when using an alternate display when navigating via a sonar or other instruments. Controls for the thrusters, camera tilt angle, and camera lights are mapped onto the pendant's control sticks and buttons, and other vehicle functions can be configured for clients' specific needs.

Fail-save Design

A single button press enables or disables the pendant, allowing the pilot to switch back and forth between the handheld controller and the main console panel as needed. The pendant incorporates a fail-safe design that returns control back to the panel if the pendant becomes disconnected or loses power, with the video monitor displaying the pendant's status. The Seamor Handheld Control Pendant weighs under 300 grams and is compatible with any of the company's Steelhead, Chinook and Mako ROVs, as well as any legacy of its Marine vehicles via the standard control console. 

Last updated: 03/10/2019