Hybrid AUV Secures Survey Contract in Northern Norway

Hybrid AUV Secures Survey Contract in Northern Norway

Global subsea services company Modus Subsea Services has been awarded a contract to perform survey services in connection with a new cable corridor requirement in Ofotfjorden, northern Norway. The campaign will use the Modus Hybrid AUV (HAUV) system, which represents the very latest in merged ROV and AUV technology.

As part of the scope, Modus will perform a desktop study, to identify further site information and support the preparation of the project. In Q2 2021, Modus will mobilize HAUV-2 to collect geophysical seabed survey data and to perform target inspection and an environmental survey across a 6km x 1km area. The HAUV will be operated as a high-speed ROV in tethered mode to provide real-time data feedback and decision-making. The scope will be performed from the M/V Elektron vessel in a water depth range of less than 10 metres to 500 metres.

Collecting Multiple Streams of Data

To perform the scope of work, the HAUV will house a multibeam echosounder, a sidescan sonar and a sub-bottom profiler. The speed with which the HAUV can collect data in high-current and shallow-water environments without compromising data quality is expected to yield significant project efficiencies for Statnett.

“This is the first survey contract we have entered into with Modus and we are looking forward to the cooperation,” said Karin Ryssdalsnes, project manager at Statnett.

Guy Lainchbury, commercial manager for Modus, said: “Working for Statnett, the system operator of the Norwegian grid, is a great opportunity for Modus to demonstrate this class-leading Hybrid AUV technology. The difficult environmental conditions that we will experience, along with the ability to collect multiple streams of data from varying sensor technology and at high speed, will be the defining factors of this project. Modus HAUV systems are now used globally, and we have achieved success in reducing overall project timelines and providing best-in-class reporting. Modus is looking forward to working with Statnett across their subsea network into the future with this disruptive technology.”

The Modus Hybrid AUV (HAUV) system represents the very latest in merged ROV and AUV technology.