Hydrographic Industry Survey 2023

Hydrographic Industry Survey 2023

Help Predict the Contours of the Hydrographic Industry in 2023

Please help us to predict the contours of the hydrographic industry in 2023 by taking part in our annual survey. Whatever your involvement in the fascinating and ever-evolving science and surveying technique called hydrography, your feedback is very important to us, so we hope that you will take the time to complete our survey.

The results of the survey will be presented in an in-depth article in the 2023 edition of our annual Hydro International Business Guide. We also use the results throughout the year as a basis for editorial choices and input for articles.

Participate in the Industry Survey

Feel free to share the survey with people in your network who, like you, have a clear vision of the future of hydrography.

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Wim van Wegen,
Head of Content, Hydro International