Hydromagic 6.0 Collects Millisecond-precision Data - 26/05/2014

Hydromagic version 6.0 has been released to the public. The entire data collection module has been rewritten. The software collects all sensor data with a millisecond-precision timestamp, resulting in more accurate soundings. While the previous version of the software was only able to produce soundings with 1 second intervals, this can be adjusted in the new version.

The files containing this original data will never be altered. Instead the software tracks all changes in a separate project folder, so it is always possible to roll back to your original sounding data. Using this feature, the software is now offering support for device latency or lag, which results in even more accurate sounding files.

Device plugins for motion sensors have been added, so soundings can now be corrected for heave, pitch and roll motions. A plugin for total stations has been added, facilitating the use of a total station for positioning.

Hydromagic maps the bottom of a river, reservoir or pond in 3D, by using a GPS, RTK or total station positioning system combined with a single beam hydrographic echosounder or fishfinder. Once all raw position, motion and single beam (dual frequency) echosounder data has been collected during your survey, this data is corrected and synschronized, and finally a sounding file is generated. Sounding files can be used to generate volume reports, 3D models, contour maps, regularly spaced XYZ files and much more.

The software supports multiple chart formats, including some nautical chart formats, such as IHO S-57 and S-63 ENC, and GIS formats like GeoTIFF and ESRI Shape files. CAD drawings generated with either Microstation or AutoCAD (DXF) can also be used.

The software is shipped with more then 5,000 built-in local map projections, allowing the users to use it at almost any place on Earth. 

Last updated: 05/03/2020