HYPACK Integrates Diver6 - 11/06/2015

US-based HYPACK recently finished testing the Diver6.DLL using a simulator and reading the network datagrams into HYPACK. Vessel position and heading are taken and the information is applied in the datagram to determine the diver location in 3D.

This screen capture shows 2-D Map window from HYPACK SURVEY, showing support vessel and diver locations.  Each diver has their own information window.

This screen capture is 3DTV, showing divers in 3D space.  This takes the diver and vessel information from HYPACK SURVEY and displays the ‘mobiles’ using 3D symbols. The simple diver symbol is shown in the image.  An XYZ surface is required in order to run this program.


Diver6 is a diver and dive operations mobile support system. This advisory system allows dive masters to monitor and track divers beneath the surface of the water for greater situational awareness. The system provides up to date information on the divers in the water allowing the dive master to make faster, safer, and more accurate decisions. All monitoring aspects of the dive are recorded and can be used for later analysis and audit. Diver6 is based on input from a broad range of real-world subject matter experts including: US Navy SEALs, EOD and salvage divers; Coast Guard; public safety and commercial divers.

Last updated: 25/01/2020