Impact Subsea Launch ISD4000 Depth & Temperature Sensor - 01/02/2016

Impact Subsea is launching the ISD4000 survey grade Depth & Temperature sensor with optional integrated HMRU, providing the user with heading, pitch and roll values. Designed for ROV & AUV underwater applications, the ISD4000 offers a significant degree of capability, in a small form factor.

With a 0.01% full scale depth measurement accuracy combined with a Temperature measurement accuracy of 0.01°C the ISD4000 is at the forefront of depth and temperature measurement technology.

Compact and Endurable

At only 8cm (3.1”) long, 4.5cm (1.8”) wide and weighing just 0.42kg (0.93lb) in air makes the ISD4000 a highly compact unit. This form factor is ideal for applications where space and weight are critical considerations. Using under 40mA of power at 24VDC offers an exceptionally low power consumption from a sensor with such capability – ideal for AUV or battery powered applications.

Housed in a robust titanium housing, complete with industry standard connector, ensures that the ISD4000 is built to withstand the harshest of underwater environments.

The ISD4000 compliments Impact Subsea's ISA500. Combined, the pair provide the user with altitude, depth, temperature, heading, pitch & roll. All values can be displayed in a single easy to use software interface or output to a third party system.

The ISD4000 will be premièred at Subsea Expo, 3-5 February, Aberdeen at Stand 173.


Last updated: 17/01/2021