Indonesian Positioning Contract

Indonesian Positioning Contract

Veripos, headquartered in the UK, has been awarded a further contract for supply of precision services to PT Pageo Utama of Jakarta, one of Indonesia's leading independent offshore survey organisations.


The facilities involve supply of continuous positioning services aboard two Saipem construction support vessels, the derrick lay barge, Castoro Otto, and the diving support vessel, Eclipse, engaged on key offshore projects for Carigali-Triton Operating Company in Malaysia-Thailand and Premier Oil for the Indonesian Gajah Baru gas field project. Each vessel is being provided with Veripos's Ultra Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service for decimetre-level accuracies together with Verify QC software for real-time position and quality control data and dual LD3-G2 integrated mobile hardware.


The contract is the third to have been recently awarded to Veripos by PT Pageo Utama, the earlier ones covering provision of similar high-precision positioning services for two three-year projects being carried out by the Indonesian company on behalf of Total E&P Indonesia.




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