Inertial Labs to Supply STR with Motion Reference Systems - 31/10/2016

Subsea Technology & Rentals Ltd (STR, UK) has entered into a partnership agreement with USA-based Inertial Labs to distribute its innovative motion reference systems. Inertial Labs’ Motion Reference Unit (MRU-B2), along with its Enhanced Motion Reference Unit (MRU-E) and professional model (MRU-P) will be joining STR’s expanding rental pool.

The Motion Reference Unit (MRU-B2), is an inertial sensor-based orientation, positioning and control solution for a diverse array of marine and subsea applications.  It has been designed to meet the exacting standards for heave, surge, sway, angular rates, accelerations, heading, velocity and positioning required by maritime and hydrographic applications for any type of device upon which it's mounted. The MRU-B2 features high-precision inertial sensors for superior accuracy in multiple tasks.

Through STR, Inertial Labs also provides an Enhanced Motion Reference Unit (MRU-E) that contains embedded heading reference and MRU-P professional model which measures horizontal positions and velocities of vessels, boats, ships and offshore platforms with the accuracy of DGPS/RTK.

Last updated: 13/08/2020