Intruder Sonar to Protect Eastern European Waterside Energy Facility

Intruder Sonar to Protect Eastern European Waterside Energy Facility

Underwater intruder detection technology from maritime security specialist Sonardyne International has been chosen to secure the coastal perimeter of a critical national energy infrastructure (CNI) facility in Eastern Europe. Sonardyne's Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS) will be deployed to detect unauthorised divers and subsurface vehicles approaching the facility from the water. The installation, at an undisclosed location, is the first phase of a site-wide project led by MARSS Group to enhance security at the facility with their NiDAR long-range air, land and underwater situational awareness system.

Reliably detecting underwater intruders or vehicles in real-time at long range is essential to provide ample time for security personnel to react to waterborne incursions. Vital minutes can make the difference between successful threat interception and divers and vehicles being able to deliver their attack.

Surveillance Installations

Rob Balloch, VP of Sales at MARSS said, “This is our latest project with the team at Sonardyne to incorporate Sentinel into one of our NiDAR surveillance installations. Designed specifically for ease of use by security personnel and to meet the practical requirements of everyday use, for our client, Sentinel was the only IDS that fully met their needs.”

Attacks on Oil Tankers

Ioseba Tena, Global Business Manager at Sonardyne said, “The recent attacks on oil tankers at sea, once again highlights the relative ease with which waterborne attacks can be carried out on strategic energy assets and facilities. With more than 150 installations worldwide, Sentinel’s track record speaks for itself and we’re confident that the level of protection the combined NiDAR-Sentinel solution will deliver the surveillance capability needed to safeguard this important facility.” 

Image Caption: Sonardyne’s Sentinel intruder detection sonar has been selected to help protect an Eastern European energy facility from unauthorised access from the water.