ISS turns to Sub-Atlantic for ROV Control System - 10/10/2008

Integrated Subsea Systems (ISS) have taken delivery of the latest generation ROV control system, which harnesses the newest technology to provide high speed communications, control and real time diagnostics. The diving and ROV service firm has invested in the subCAN developed by Sub-Atlantic Ltd, part of the Triton Group of companies.


SubCAN offers high speed communications and data network system providing command, control and real time diagnostic functions for Sub-Atlantic ROVs. The modular design and functionality of the system not only provides the latest communications capability and ‘touch screen' Graphical User Interface (GUI), but also allows for ongoing customer / manufacturer driven system evolution and further sensor integration. 


This is the second system to be procured by ISS for their Comanche ROVs during 2008.


Dubai based, subsea engineering specialist, Dulam International Ltd have also bought subCAN for use with a Comanche ROV, tether management system and pipeline survey package which comes with a launch and recovery system and full cabin control suite. Other key industry contractors are due to take delivery of SubCAN with new vehicles before the end of the year.


Initially designed around the Comanche light work class ROV, subCAN packages for Mohican and other Sub-Atlantic vehicles are available.



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