IVS 3D Expands Range and Capability of Fledermaus Software - 14/05/2004

IVS 3D officially announced today the release of Fledermaus Version 6.1. This is a major new release that includes both updated functionality and a wider range of
The product range now includes:
- Fledermaus Standard – The core 3D and 2D visualization and analysis package
- Fledermaus Professional – Standard package plus advanced area processing, real-time navigation and route planning modules
- iView3D – free 3D viewer for exploration and analysis of Fledermaus scenes
Modern ocean mapping systems collect vast amounts of data and the Fledermaus
suite of software has established itself as the premier 3D visualization, processing and analysis software capable of handling these data.
The release of Fledermaus Pro coincides with the inclusion of the CUBE algorithm for automatic processing of multibeam sonar data. CUBE, or Combined Uncertainty and Bathymetry Estimator, originates from research at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping at the University of New Hampshire.
The combination of this with the Fledermaus area based process launches a new approach to processing of multibeam sonar data. Trials during testing of the software have shown a reduction by at least a factor of ten in the time for processing of multibeam sonar data. This module also significantly improves the objectivity of processing the huge volumes of ocean mapping data.

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