Ixsea and Thales Launch Starins Range - 04/07/2006

Ixsea and Thales launch their shared product Starins, a range which combines Military GPS and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), in Paris. This range includes Starins 120, Starins 200 and Starins 200 Embedded. Starins 120 combines Ixsea's Photonic Inertial Navigations System (PHINS) with GRAM-S military Thales GPS and outputs position, heading, roll, pitch, depth, velocity and heave. Its high-accuracy inertial measurement unit is based on Ixsea's FOG technology coupled with an embedded digital signal processor that runs and advanced Kalman filter. Applications include surface navigation for frigates, MCMV and fast patrol boats as well as SDV. Starins 200 and Starins 200 Embedded are the ultimate navigation solutions for all navy platforms based on state of the art Thales GPS and Ixsea's inertial technologies. Performance and reliability drive these naval navigation systems. Starins 200 and Starins 200 Embedded can be used onboard corvettes, submarines, frigates, aircraft carriers and navy test vessels.

Last updated: 04/07/2020