IXSEA Seafloor Mapping Solutions - 26/03/2008

IXSEA launched its new seafloor mapping solutions at 0i08. These products offer integrated solutions, which combine sonar, seismic, gradiometer and magnetometer technologies and sensors to meet the different demands of seabed mapping and survey projects.


IXSEA provides a powerful suite of real-time data acquisition, processing and interpretation tools, designed by geophysicists and survey analysts. The data stream is channelled to edit mission reports in real-time and boost productivity. This software is compatible with other manufacturers' sensors and technologies.


From off-the-shelf advanced processing sonars to sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers to gradiometers, IXSEA provides ideal sensors and solutions depending on each customer's particular requirements. IXSEA can mix and match its products: SHADOWS SAS, GAPS USBL, HYDRINS inertial navigation system, DELPH software suite, ECHOES sub-bottom profilers, MAGIS magnetometers and the GRADIOMAGIS gradiometer.


For particular requirements, IXSEA redesigns existing solutions: transducers, packaging, portable systems and specialist navigation systems.




Last updated: 27/02/2021