IXSEA introduces features with OCTANS III, a complete firmware and hardware redesign of the renowned through the industry motion sensor and gyrocompass Octans.
SAFE HEAVE, Self-Adaptive Filtered Estimated Heave, is a dynamically tuned new heave filter concept that can assess heave parameters in true real time. As a result, not only the behaviour of the heave filter is always optimal, whatever the conditions and whatever the size of the vessel but also it does not require any set-up from the user. Using the latest progress in mathematical techniques, SAFE-HEAVE is particularly well adapted to changing swell conditions like harbour waves, long-period swells mixed with local wind-waves, turn-induced waves on small vessels as was demonstrated during sea trials. In addition, all computations are made in true-real time without any latency thus removing the need to process data offline.
OCTANS III comes as well with a number of new or enhanced features thanks to a complete redesign of its electronics. To name but a few:

  • Dynamical behaviour remains constant in all thermal conditions (especially during thermal shocks, as may occur when a subsea unit is immersed in a cold water)
  • Follow-up speed is improved to 750°s
  • Power consumption is lesser with 11 Watts only

Independence from GPS is complete, even when settling
Octans III is an IMO-certified survey-grade gyrocompass and also a complete motion sensor that outputs Roll, Pitch, Surge, Sway, Heave, Speeds, Accelerations, as well as True Heading. More than 450 OCTANS are already in service worldwide with military, educational and commercial organisations.

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