Kongsberg Discovery launches new multibeam echosounder to unlock secrets of seafloor

Kongsberg Discovery launches new multibeam echosounder to unlock secrets of seafloor

Kongsberg Discovery has officially unveiled the EM 2042, a next-generation multibeam echosounder poised to redefine underwater data collection. With the capability to extend operational weather windows, offer unparalleled flexibility and deliver high-quality data, the EM 2042 empowers users in their quest to comprehend, safeguard and harness the ocean’s depths. This groundbreaking device boasts a lightweight design, easy installation, robustness and the capacity to gather pristine seabed data even in the most remote and challenging environments.

The grand launch of the EM 2042 took place at the Forum for the Exchange of Mutual Multibeam Experiences (FEMME) conference in Edinburgh, UK, hosted by Kongsberg Discovery. The event, held during the 17th edition of the FEMME, serves as an open forum exclusively for users of Kongsberg’s multibeam product range. FEMME facilitates the exchange of experiences and ideas among participants, inspiring innovation and contributing to improved system performance through workshops, demos, presentations and papers.

Stene Førsund, European vice president of sales and marketing at Kongsberg Discovery, emphasized that the EM 2042 embodies the company’s mission to support the sustainable management, monitoring and development of ocean spaces. He stated: “The challenges facing those seeking to map the seafloor, especially in remote areas, are immense. They face narrow weather windows – with conditions where it can be difficult to acquire clean, accurate data, especially on first runs – a constant fear of damaging costly equipment, the challenge of configuring that equipment optimally, and the extreme demands of clients with regards to data density and resolution.”

Key specifications

Kongsberg Discovery reports that the EM 2042 is 60% lighter than its predecessor, the EM 2040, boasts lower power consumption, and has been engineered for effortless configuration and deployment across various vessel sizes, including unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). It can be conveniently mounted both within a vessel hull and over the side, requiring only one cable connection to the topside. In the unfortunate event of damage during operation, the EM 2042 has been designed to minimize repair time – which is known as a traditionally costly and time-consuming process.

“Versatility, efficiency and robustness are crucial factors,” Førsund noted, “but they would be nothing without data quality, and that’s where the EM 2042 really stands apart.” He continued: “This is state-of-the-art equipment that will help users to unlock the secrets of the seafloor, delivering industry-leading ‘clean’ data acquisition, with high data density and resolution thanks to a new level of beam steering. In increasingly demanding business and research environments, where understanding and safeguarding our oceans has never been more important, this can be a key enabler for safer, smarter decision-making and true competitive advantage. We look forward to seeing its impact within this important business niche.”

The Kongsberg EM 2042 owes its exceptional data quality to its high-fidelity in-house INS integration (Seapath). The EM 2042 also provides true multifrequency backscatter functionality. It features automatic system detection and setup, courtesy of Seapath and EM technology, and provides real/true yaw stabilization to maximize operational windows in varying weather conditions.

Notably, the EM 2042 is designed for the rapid change of sonar heads, and Kongsberg offers comprehensive 24/7 service and support through its global network. Importantly, there are no export licence requirements or legacy considerations when utilizing this highly advanced technology.

EM 2042, the next-generation multibeam echosounder poised to redefine underwater data collection. (Image courtesy: Kongsberg Discovery)
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