Kraken Receives CAD745,000 for Underwater Robotics

Kraken Receives CAD745,000 for Underwater Robotics

Kraken Sonar Systems, Canada, has been awarded a non-refundable financial contribution of CAD745,950 by the Research & Development Corporation (RDC) of Newfoundland and Labrador. The funding will support development of Kraken’s ThunderFish autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) programme. The ThunderFish programme will combine smart sonar, laser and optical sensors, advanced pressure-tolerant battery and thruster technologies and cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms integrated on board a cost-effective 6,000m-depth-rated AUV.

Karl Kenny,president and CEO of Kraken said this funding will help maintain the momentum Kraken have been building over the past two years in underwater robotics. Technological innovations in sensors, high performance computing and robotics now enable next generation underwater vehicles that are highly autonomous, cost effective, light weight and easier to operate.

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