Large Imaging Sonar Order - 07/02/2011

BlueView Technologies has received an order for one hundred (100) high-resolution P Series Imaging Sonar systems. In the coming months BlueView will deliver the compact, low-power 900kHz imaging sonar systems to VideoRay for integration onto their microROV systems providing their customers with real-time underwater search and navigation capabilities.



BlueView’s P Series Imaging Sonar are available with 3 field-of-view options – 45º, 90º, and 130º (the widest available), and operate in low or zero visibility conditions minimizing downtime due to water clarity conditions. Engineered to operate while in motion or from a stationary position, BlueView 2D Imaging Sonar enhance detection, tracking, monitoring, and inspection operations for a wide variety of underwater applications, including: Search & Rescue; Offshore Oil & Gas; Structure & Hull Inspections; Dive Operations; Equipment & Material Placement. Together, BlueView and VideoRay form one of the most compact, portable, easy-to-use, and effective underwater support systems available – proven time and again by some of the world’s best military, law enforcement, and offshore organisations.


Scott Bentley, VideoRay President said “We’re pleased to continue our close association with BlueView. This tool adds very significantly to the range of missions that microROVs can accomplish, and makes it much easier to navigate as well as investigate in murky water.”


Last updated: 30/11/2020