LinkQuest Data Fusion Functions - 25/10/2003

LinkQuest high-speed underwater acoustic modems have recently incorporated data fusion functions. All LinkQuest modems can now interface to up to eight underwater sensors or devices using the RS232 interface. These systems can also sample up to sixteen analogue inputs simultaneously and provide up to 1Gbytes of permanent storage on a compact flash disk. Using this platform, LinkQuest Inc. delivered two sets of UWM2000 modem systems to Fugro Change Inc. Early 2003. These systems interface to a DigiQuartz depth sensor, a load cell and a compass and pitch/roll sensor. The sensor data is stored on a compact flash data logger at the sub-sea modem while being transmitted acoustically to the surface modem. Fugro Change used these systems in a pipeline recovery project in Indonesia and an underwater construction project in February and March 2003.

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