Major Increase of Number of ENCs in Primar Database - 31/07/2015

During the first six months of 2015, PRIMAR (Norway) has shown strong growth. In this period, the PRIMAR database has grown from 12,415 to 14,022 ENCs, which is more than 12% growth of the entire database. Most of the increase is due to the release of new ENCs coming from China (C1) with 461 ENCs, China Pearl River Delta (CN and C3) with 41 ENCs, Indonesia (ID) with 402 ENCs, Korea (KR) with 168 ENCs and recently Iran (IR) with 19 ENCs.

The release of these ENCs is an important step towards achieving global ENC coverage and improving safety at sea for the mariners all over the world. Primar adds that using authorised official charts together with type-approved navigation systems helps prevent accidents and protects the maritime environment.

Last updated: 01/12/2020