Major Sub-bottom Profiling Survey - 24/04/2013

MMT (Sweden) has successfully completed a survey which includes the capture of parametric sub-bottom profile (SBP) data with a Kongsberg TOPAS PS 40 system. The system was hull-mounted on MMT's survey vessel Triad. The survey covered an area of 6,000km2 in the Baltic Sea and obtained an extensive amount of data.

The SBP data was collected during a hydrographic survey for the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) where high-resolution bathymetric data will be used to update sea charts. Additionally will the SBP data from TOPAS PS 40 give the client a detailed picture of the sediment layers of the surveyed area.

MMT´s Technical & Operation Director Mr Martin Wikmar commented that this particular project has given the company extensive experience in high-graded parametric sub-bottom profiling.

Last updated: 11/08/2020