Marine Geospatial Data Industry Seminar - 25/10/2003

The Marine Geospatial Data Industry seminar held at the UKHO at beginning of July attracted representatives from government departments and agencies, academia and from the commercial sector. The purpose of the seminar was to stimulate discussion on the potential development of a Marine Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MGDI) for the UK, the role stakeholders will play and how the initiative might be moved forward. Visits to key operational areas within the UKHO and product and service demonstrations offered a chance to see the UKHO in action and provided insight into the future of the UKHO, including its wider markets programme. Dr Wyn Williams, Chief Executive of the UKHO, gave a short history of the organisation, its present focus and strategy for the future. John Pepper, Head of Commercial Development, UKHO, gave his vision for a UK marine geospatial data infrastructure and how Admiralty data would make a valuable contribution to this. John Roberts, Head of Marine and Waterways, DEFRA, outlined government policy in relation to marine management and Mr Chris Roper, Director of the Landmark Information Group, gave an industry perspective, with reference to the experience gained by his company in working with the public sector.
The demonstrations of Admiralty data comprised bathymetry and seabed visualisation, Integrated Coastal Hydrography, ICZMap, Law of the Sea, Additional Military Layers, DigBath 250 (by the British Geological Survey), Marine Environmental Data, Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS), Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), TotalTide, and Digital List of Lights.

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