Maritime Information Infrastructure for Clydeport - 08/11/2012

OceanWise has completed Phase One of a maritime information infrastructure on behalf of Clydeport, UK. The project builds on Clydeport’s recent investment in GIS software and was targeted at improving data and information management within the Hydrographic and Dredging Department. The project is already realising benefits and attracting a lot of interest, both from within the Marine Department as a whole and elsewhere in the port.

The work started with an analysis of existing practices and systems that resulted in the preparation of a GIS ‘Roadmap’ and spatial and environmental data management system to allow information to be shared and exchanged more easily between different business areas and with external stakeholders.  The infrastructure encompasses and complements Clydeport’s existing systems, not replacing them.  OceanWise’s relationship with specialist maritime software and equipment providers allows interfaces to be developed within Cadcorp SIS and Maritime Toolbar, so data can be shared as seamlessly as possible.   

At the centre of the infrastructure is Ocean Database installed on Microsoft SQL Server.  Cadcorp SIS connects directly to Ocean Database, with additional functionality provided by Maritime Toolbar. Specific workflow requirements were addressed by installing Extensions to Maritime Toolbar for Hydrographic Survey, Dredging and Licensing, and Environmental Samples Management.  Further extensions are available for recording, displaying and maintaining infrastructure and assets, such as navigational aids, wrecks and obstructions, moorings, etc. 

Find out more about OceanWise, Marine GIS and the Clydeport project at the free-to-attend Maritime Workshop on 20 November 2012 in London. 

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