Micro Field Buoy - 03/03/2015

UK-based oceanographic systems company Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) has introduced a new, ultra-compact buoy platform into its existing range of fully integrated systems. The Micro Field Buoy is 0.3m in diameter, and weighs 15kg (without instrumentation), meaning it is easy for one person to handle in the field, is suitable for airborne, vessel-based or land-based deployment, and yet can still transmit data to users in real time, providing a rapid response to environmental changes.

The buoy platform can accommodate a variety of instruments or environmental sensors (including CTDs, DO sensors, turbidity sensors, chlorophyll sensors, multiparameter sondes and hydrocarbon sensors) in the rugged protective deployment frame underneath the float. The hard anodised marine-grade aluminium hull incorporates buoyancy, telemetry equipment (GSM/GPRS/3G), electronics (including data logger) and battery in a fully marinised and compact package. The buoy, once installed, can be left reporting and logging data unattended for 1 month before battery recharging and instrument cleaning is required.

Last updated: 27/11/2020