Multi-beam Sonar for DPS Offshore Vehicles

Multi-beam Sonar for DPS Offshore Vehicles

Three Gemini 720id multibeam sonars have been purchased by DPS Offshore from Tritech, UK, as part of a recent package worth in excess of USD400,000. The deep Gemini purchases, alongside earlier purchases of Tritech's high-performance imaging sonar, will allow DPS Offshore to meet the requirements of its clients' work-class ROVs from its USA, UK and Singapore offices.  

The Gemini 720id is Tritech's deepwater multibeam imaging sonar (rated to 4,000m) which delivers real-time, accurate data and is increasingly being recognised as the sonar of choice for real-time multibeam imaging, complimenting the industry-standard, mechanical scanning technologies.


DPS Offshore has now spent in excess of USD1 million with Tritech over the past 12 months; in order to meet the increasing global demand for Tritech equipment.


This sale reaffirms DPS Offshore's commitment to increase its global rental pool of equipment, placing orders locally in Houston to cover the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) requirements, whist also ordering from its UK office to cover territories outside the USA. Colin Erskine, DPS Offshore Global business director, commented that the purchase of Tritech's deepwater Gemini 720id sonar and other sensory equipment allows the company to enhance the capabilities and performance of the global fleet.


DPS Offshore's confidence in Tritech products is furthered by their knowledge that Tritech's products can be operated together. Offering an integrated solution, the Gemini can be easily networked on Tritech's SCU5 alongside other Tritech sensors.