Multibeam Echosounder for Medium to Deep Water - 18/01/2013

The RESON SeaBat 7160 multibeam echosounder has been developed for marine exploration, seafloor habitat mapping and hydrographic charting in medium to deep water (3 to 3,000m). Equipped with X-Range, it provides improved system immunity to external noise.

The system can operate in water depths of between 3 to 3,000 metres, offering up to 512 high-density equidistant beams with a selection of coverage modes including features such as variable and steerable swath, together with real-time pitch and roll stabilisation maximising useable swath and performance. The SeaBat 7160 also provides the collection of high-density water-column data all wrapped up in a processing unit.

The new system is a significant upgrade of the SeaBat 8160. The X-Range is a software and hardware feature that provides extended performance. The basis is a frequency modulated transmission combined with advanced signal processing techniques to extract the maximum performance from the system. As an additional feature, the SeaBat 7160 is a portable system which makes it a flexible choice.

Last updated: 27/02/2018