N-Sea secures Geo Ranger for long-term subsea operations

N-Sea secures Geo Ranger for long-term subsea operations

The N-Sea Group has formalized an agreement with Geo Plus for the long-term charter of the Dutch-flagged vessel the Geo Ranger, a cutting-edge hybrid survey and ROV support vessel. This vessel will operate alongside the Geo Focus, already under the management and control of N-Sea.

Designed with meticulous attention to both crew and survey equipment, the fuel-efficient Geo Ranger boasts advanced on-board technology, including diverse sensors and a plug-and-play system for integrating additional project-specific customer equipment. With its emphasis on enhanced workability, durability and flexibility, the Geo Ranger has the potential to establish a new benchmark for survey vessels.

The Geo Ranger is widely regarded as the top survey vessel in its class, offering a range of features that set it apart. One key aspect is its impressive workability, capable of handling significant wave heights of up to two metres. The vessel is designed with plug-and-go solutions, ensuring a hassle-free mobilization/demobilization process and featuring quick and secure equipment installation. Moreover, the Geo Ranger comes standard with high-class survey equipment.

In terms of sustainability, the Geo Ranger excels as a fuel-efficient vessel with various environmentally friendly features. It adopts diesel/electric propulsion to minimize fuel consumption, incorporates heat recovery systems, utilizes LED lighting and employs biodegradable oil.

Multi-purpose subsea operations vessel

The vessel boasts a proven track record for safety and efficiency. With dynamic positioning station-keeping capabilities, the vessel has dimensions that make it ideal for operations in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Irish Sea and Mediterranean Sea – measuring an overall length (LOA) of 41.60 metres, a width of 8.70 metres and a working draft of 2.25 metres.

Additionally, the Geo Ranger is equipped with an eight-ton A-frame, making it versatile for tasks such as towing arrangements, geotechnical surveys and various other subsea activities.

The vessel, accompanied by its seasoned crew, assumes a pivotal role in realizing N-Sea’s aspiration to be the pre-eminent subsea services contractor. Through the extended charter of the Geo Ranger, the company is bolstering its footprint and standing within the subsea service industry, aligning seamlessly with the ongoing expansion of offshore markets.

N-Sea will take full charge of the vessel, ensuring comprehensive management and control. This strategic decision will enable the company to conduct operations with heightened safety and efficiency, fostering collaboration within fully dedicated and integrated teams. With this vessel initiative, N-Sea aims to present clients with an exclusive suite of subsea solutions, backed by expert teams, enhancing its ability to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele.

Crafting the Geo Ranger: from concept to reality

A few years back, the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard teamed up with Geo Plus, a company rooted in the Dutch province of Groningen, to bring to life the cutting-edge shallow-water survey ROV support vessel known as the Geo Ranger. Geo Plus specializes in a trio of services: crafting advanced survey vessels, globally leasing out these vessels, and providing hydrographical and nautical expertise to clients.

Fast forward to July 2020, and Geo Plus achieved a significant milestone with the launch of the Geo Ranger, a state-of-the-art shallow-water survey/ROV support vessel. This launch underscored Geo Plus’s dedication to advancing maritime capabilities, focusing on optimizing crew efficiency and accommodating cutting-edge survey equipment. The vessel’s design incorporated smart on-board technology, including diverse sensors and a plug-and-play system, ensuring adaptability to meet the specific requirements of customer projects.

According to Geo Plus, the Geo Ranger offers a seamless experience with its "plug & go" solutions, allowing users to operate the vessel effortlessly, as if it were their own.
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