New Space for Sensor Technology - 13/05/2011


Sensor Technology has opened a new manufacturing facility. The building, purchased in January of 2011 and located immediately adjacent to SensorTech’s previous two building campus, adds a third building to the company’s operations and increases total workspace by twenty-five percent.



The majority of the square footage in the new building has been allocated to Sensor Technology’s piezoelectric powder production, increasing the space for this cornerstone operation by forty percent. The new building also consolidates all machining operations to a single facility and provides dedicated areas for R&D, electronics testing and sales & marketing. By freeing space in the previous two buildings, the change has also allowed for a larger potting/encapsulation facility and a smoother production workflow across all three buildings.


“The new building not only provides much needed expansion space but will also allow Sensor Technology to improve workflow, thus reducing production costs and turn-around times.” said Niru Somayajula, company president and CEO.


Last updated: 23/02/2020