New Veripos DP Software

New Veripos DP Software

Verify-DP, a new compact software module for fast and effective position quality determination, has been introduced by Veripos for use in association with its global Differential GPS services.
The module is specifically designed for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and navigation users operating in real-time who require readily available validation of data in a simplified format not usually possible with complex Quality Control software.
Verify-DP redresses this requirement by providing a prominent fixed graphical display of essential position quality data for calculated DGPS solutions and associated corrections. It also generates alarms for all key positioning parameters as well as software function status while ensuring optimum versatility for different scenarios. Alarm thresholds are user-configurable.
The module operates via a Veripos LD2 integrated mobile unit connected to a VGA monitor. No computer is required, although a mouse and keyboard can be connected for configuration purposes. Displays include position error ellipse, track plot, location and signal strength of all GPS satellites together with age of corrections relayed from relevant Veripos reference stations. Geographical location of the vessel is additionally shown together with available reference stations, both displayed on a composite map of the operating area. A complete record of events is also maintained as a log along with real-time RTCM Type 16 messages covering service status relayed by Veripos.